Holly Carton


"There are only two things to paint; man, and the intention of his soul. The first is easy, the second is hard." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Art is a form of communication at once graphic, yet subtle. As a Christian artist, it is my desire to communicate God's glory in and through each piece I create, whether it be specifically in the message, or glorifying Him through an excellent use of the materials and abilities available to me.

The focus of much of my work is the human figure. It is not, however, about an exaltation of man, but rather a rejoicing in the last of all God's creation and an enjoyment of the life He has given us. I am fascinated by personalities and inspired by people's stories, figures, faces, emotions and lives.

They say that the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. This is no less true in art, and my process of discovery has barely dented the rich depths of all that could be.

I am available for commissions, and am excited to hear about your project!